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Rate My Art

There is good art and there is bad art... What do you create?

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1. When you join the community, you must post your photos (not links to photos) immediately. Joining and not posting within a reasonable amount of time will result in a ban. You will be voted on by existing members, and you will receive a stamp accepting or rejecting you. You can comment in your OWN post while awaiting your stamp. Do not post someone else's art, this is a copyright infringement and is possible grounds for your journal to be suspended.

2. Post at LEAST 3 pieces of art. Do not post links. Use an <lj-cut> for your submissions. If you don't know how, go here. If you want to add photos to your post after it's up, you may do so - however DO NOT make a new post. Edit the existing post.

3. YOU CANNOT COMMENT WITHOUT A STAMP! Doing so will result in a ban. The only acceptable reason for bypassing this rule is to notify the moderators that there is someone attempting to get voted on using someone else's art. Only moderators are allowed to make text only posts.

4. You will not receive a stamp until 24 hours after you have posted, unless you lack the votes to be stamped. Do not make a second post, if you have changes, make them within your one and only post until you are stamped. Be patient, good things come to those that wait.

5. Art is in the eye of the beholder. If you are not stamped that doesn't mean you are worthless, it just means you may need to work at it a bit more.

6. Once you are a member, please don't bash other accepted members. You will be given one strike, 2 strikes you're out!